Wednesday, November 3, 2010

im real sorry guys........

u guys have been real nice to me and stuff and i have been such a bad guest in ur home i hope u can find it in ur hearts to forgive me im pretty sure im a real nice dude when u get to kno me. dont give up on me plz :((((( for real, espeshialy you carolyn. dont give up on me ill be a gooder freind.




  1. well blayne, it was really nice of you to apologize to us but i think it's time you wrote a formal letter to patricia and ronald. we have been paying the price for your misconduct and it's about time the real cuplrit came forward.

    see you around soon,

  2. k, i kno i have to do that. ill do it tomorro. r we still havin a jam this weekend i kno its not a good time to ask but i was lookin real forward to it i even bought a new pair of pants


  3. no blayne, the party has been canceled on account of your actions. i just could not bear the idea of taking on that responsibility right now. let's just give ourselves some time to heal.


  4. Brittany you really need a job.

    CAROLYN WE ARE ALL REALLY SORRY and promise to be more considerate that you have to wake up early. We love you, xo.